Bicycles vary depending on their intended purpose: riding to work or spending free time in a park. Possibly your interests are so diverse that you need two or even three different bicycles as absolutely universal model doesn't exist. The main things are determining way and place of riding. Principal criteria of choosing a bicycle are the following: roadster, mountain bike (with all intervening gradations), sports bicycle, man`s and woman`s bike, full-sized bicycle and folding bike (for keeping and transportation). It goes without saying that choice of bicycle depends on your age.

Mountain bike is the most common and popular type of bicycles. In general mountain bike is intended for riding on roads of poor quality or out of public roads, in the roughest and toughest fields. The expression «mountain bike» is interpreted broadly and combines several subtypes which vary widely in significantly different constructions and purpose.

Citybikes are intended for unhurried and comfortable moving around the city. They present absolutely unsporting bicycles. Distinguishing features of citybike: step-through frame for women, diamond frame and big wheels with tyres of average width. Splash shields are mounted on wheels practically of all bicycles. The vast majority of bikes possess pannier rack. Some models are complemented with a kickstand, rear view monitors, a basket, electrical equipment and others. The main advantage of citybikes is practically total absence of the need to repair them as all wearing components – brakes and derailers are well protected against mud or even absent.

Another variant is hybrid bicycle. Traditionally this type of bicycle means a lightweight model of mountain bike that is more suitable for driving on highway. Practically any accessories can be mounted on hybrid bicycle. Hybrid bicycle is the best choice for those who prefer to cycle everywhere excluding impassability and bad roads. Besides, range of these models has recently significantly increased. Tourning is a type of bicycle designed for lasting rides at a face pace that is appropriate both for cycling on nice highway and road of average quality. Tourning is characterized by a wide range of derailers. Folding bike is convenient to store in small accommodation and transport in a car or public transport. It`s suitable for short-distance bike trips.

Recently in the result of appearing lightweight and energy-intensive accumulators electric bikes have become widely popular. The main purpose of electric motor is assistance in moving pedals. However many people use electric bikes as mopeds.