Concept cars

Concept cars present a special category of cars which were formerly known as dream-cars or exhibition cars released in a unique copy. The goal of such developments is surprising people with courage of various technical and stylistic solutions.

It`s necessary to mention the fact that if a concept car is manufactured by an automobile enterprise it helps to demonstrate producer`s ability and well-being. The full cycle of manufacturing comprises making a sketch and prototype sample which takes up a considerable amount of time, efforts and requires financial expenses. For this reason such creations can be accomplished only by firms having good prospects. Concept cars define tendencies of the world car industry`s development for several years ahead. In the beginning of 50 years of XX century the USA recovered from economic shocks. At that time epoch of innovations started and engineers began to invent concept cars.

Crowds of enthusiastic people usually present at automobile shows and witness conceptual miracles. Concept cars reflect vision of people about their future. For example, model Buick Centurion Concept produced in 1956 wasn't equipped with rear-view mirrors but had an installed camera which passed information to driver by displaying it on a screen of instrument panel. Even nowadays not many autos possess such an option. The first car with gasturbine engine Firebird XP-21 repeated the form of rocket airplane: cigar shaped body, open front wheels, a single-seated cockpit and vertical stabilizer behind. Released in 1954 Plymouth Explorer Special (Ghia) presented American automobile made in accordance with the best traditions of Italian design. External and internal finishing met the highest standards. A specially designed set of suitcases and travel bags were included. Unfortunately many concept cars have not been preserved until nowadays. However, remained models present a unique possibility of realizing dreams of people who lived several decades ago and admire unusual, rare and dazzling concept cars.

All car manufacturers like to present concept cars at international exhibitions. Public likes them as everybody tries to learn about future approaches in design. Constructors want to examine the reaction of potential customers to new ideas. Concept cars can be of two kinds. The first type presents models which are practically ready for mass production in the near future. Presentation of such a car is so called full rehearsal before a big night out. Concept cars of second type never appear in a salon of dealers but they fully embody ideas of companies` specialists related to future products.

Contemporary development stage of concept cars` design clearly shows that only manufacturers which devote sufficient time and attention to design can feel confident at the world car market. Development of concept cars allows to realize brave innovations and change firmly established definitions related to style and design.