Luxury cars

Luxury cars include the most expensive and up-market models. Such an auto will be a perfect demonstration of business partners` status. Besides, such presentable cars are usually driven by a specially trained person. Particular attention should be payed to limousines. Successful businessmen prefer executive cars. Models of Mercedes, Lexus and similar cars belong to luxury autos. Leaders of car industry don`t stop satisfying motorists from all parts of the world. The main tendency of producing luxury cars is environmentally safe use of autos. One of priority directions is reducing maintenance costs of luxury cars and reduction of fuel consumption. A basis for designing innovative models is the main concept of a manufacturing plant and new trends in fashion.

The world of luxury cars is a surprising galaxy with admirable and different constellations where every star presents a unique artwork in the form of an auto. Such talented and famous designers and engineers as Pinifarina, Hamann, TechArt, Gemballa and others worked on creation and improvement of every masterpiece. Every trade mark is a separate history, inimitable and thrilling legend in the world of automobile manufacturing. These legends have their own ups and downs, moments of great triumph and minutes of mourning. Luxury cars leave an indelible imprint in the minds of fans.

There are different types of luxury cars: sedan, coupe and cabriolet. Along with high performance they are distinguished by conveniences of all kinds. Nowadays almost every car manufacturer offers pleasant and comfortable models which belong to the category of luxury cars. Luxury cars are characterized by exactness of assembly process, technological innovations and the latest opportunities. They are marked by a distinctive emblem, image of brand representing status and prestige. The term «luxury cars» is also used for distinguishing unique models released in a limited number or to order.

Price of such cars can reach several hundred thousand euros. They are driven by stars of the world level: actors, singers, famous politicians and businessmen – all who can afford to acquire a car with a personal driver. The secret of this segment`s cars is very simple. Manufacturers of luxury cars use only the best automobile components: the best engine is installed on a high-quality chassis, producers choose an upmarket body. In an effort to demonstrate opportunities manufacturers try to equip these cars with all systems intended for ensuring maximum safety and comfort of passengers while driving.

Car interior finishing is designed using materials of the best quality: natural wood and leather, qualitative metal alloys and minimum amount of plastic. Besides, substitutes are practically absent. The only exception is fashionable and expensive eco-leather that presents a qualitative artificial alternative of natural one. Some brands produce luxury cars only on request.