Many people acquire a motorbike with purpose of greater mobility but later get used to it and can`t imagine their life without a two-wheeler. Choice of motorbike should be determined by your financial opportunities and surely convenience of this transportation facility. A model with minimum quantity of plastic components and average cubature of vehicle will be suitable for beginners. It can be explained by the fact that moving at high speed is not recommended for them. Besides, learning basic rules of motorcycling is quite realistic if you have a model with mentioned peculiarities. Plastic details can be easily broken and scratched while falling. It`s necessary to define for what purpose you need a motorbike. If you are planning to participate in racing a sporting motorbike will suit you. If you are a sedate and even solid person cruiser is appropriate for you. Model enduro will help you to make pirouettes on various surfaces. Endure is a lightweight motorcycle providing with possibility of fast and safe moving. It`s suitable for amateurs of motorcycles outside the city off paved roads. The model is not suitable for driving over long distances but is characterized by high cross-country ability in difficult locations.

Sporting motorcycles are intended for participating in sports competitions – racing. They present a very popular class among amateurs of adrenaline and can be met on city roads. Civil version of sporting motorcycle possesses all necessary illumination equipment. Sports version is not equipped with headlights and direction indicators as they are not needed on tracks.

Cruiser is a style of motorcycles created primarily thanks to the company «Harley-Davidson» specialized in producing motorcycles of this class. Cruisers possess 2-cylinder V-shaped vehicle with liquid cooling, plastic or steel facing and big side covers. They are complemented with maximum quantity of chromed components. The majority of cruisers is equipped with quite comfortable rear suspension having one or two shock absorbers which perfectly manage with road humps and facilitate driving over long distances.

Tourist models are characterized by more comfortable conditions of seating. These models are quite massive, steady and completed with capacious fuel tank. They are well equipped and some models are completed with safety bag and air conditioner. Classic models which proved their efficiency for decades are characterized by shapes intended for straight seat and produced in two versions – streetfighter and naked motorbike.

Before motorcycling it`s necessary to acquire necessary motorcycle apparel. A helmet and gloves should be necessarily worn. Knee supporters and elbow pads are very desirable. You should remember that regardless of motorbike`s model there is a high probability that you can fall.