Muscle cars

People have always striven for perfection that`s why it`s not surprising that diverse records are set every year and new masterpieces of technical thought appear. Everybody involuntarily admires force and engine power or modern cars. It is worth thinking about work of numerous people who embodied their ideas in metal and plastic. Companies which set the objective to create an auto must use all available scientific and technical resources.

Nowadays it`s difficult to create something outstanding that`s why constructors continuously compete with each other. If investigations of developers become unsuccessful all previous work is discontinued and producers start to find a fundamentally new approach to creation a powerful engine. It`s understandable that such an approach can be allowed only by large companies that`s why the majority of the most powerful cars are created by the leading transnational corporations. Performance of a car depends not only on engine power but also many other factors that`s why all presented samples possess excellent vehicle aerodynamics, body made of the most modern materials and others.

Lists of cars equipped with the most powerful engines are established on the basis of technical characteristics. These lists include the car which was awarded the rank of the most powerful auto in the world. Not only passenger cars are equipped by powerful engines but also sports cars and trucks. In spite of the fact that fuel-efficiency and eco-friendliness of transport means are valued more than other features there are amateurs of muscle cars. Occasionally manufacturers surprise their customers with emergence of a new car with extra-powerful engine.

The beginning of 1920 years was marked by appearing the first muscle cars in America. Their engines possessed from 12 to 16 cylinders. Such famous companies as Linkoln, Duesenberg and Packard released muscle cars.

Muscle cars harmoniously combine providing comfort and ability to cause intense emotions while fast driving. Increasing of speed is not a cheap deal.