Sedan is a three-box passenger body with two, four or six side doors. Besides, sedans possess two or three rows of seats. If you trace the history of any car brand it`s possible to find out that sedan was an initial variant. Afterwards other bodies and models appeared due to changes of fashion and environment. Modern sedans are popular among all amateurs of autos. A compartment of sedan is quickly heated in cold time of year and rapidly cooled during the warm season.

Sedans are excellent passenger cars for the whole family. The distinctive features of sedan are enclosed body with two or three rows of seats. Trunks of sedans are placed apart from body in its rear part. Commonly, such a type of cars isn't equipped with a lift gate at the back. Such cars possess special parts placed separately from each other and intended for passengers, trunk and engine. These compartments are divided by means of hard partitions. Classic model of sedan has a B-pillar and three compartments. Nowadays a size of trunk compartment is considerably less than salon`s size.

There are different variants of sedans: notchback, hardtop, fastback and others. The first variant can be frequently seen on roads of North America. This auto`s exterior reminds hatchback. Hardtop possesses four doors without metal frames intended for glass. Such a type of sedan hasn't been already produced. Fast backs have sporty appearance and differ from other cars by their aerodynamic characteristics. Nowadays sedan cars are considered to be the most widespread and desirable autos. Practically every car manufacturers with the exception of sport cars producers release one or several models of sedan. Depending on intended purpose and targeted audience sedans can be divided into three categories: family sedan, business class sedan and luxury sedan.

Family sedan is enough practical, comfortable and can meet all needs of an average family. Using such an auto you can successfully get to work, school, nursery, sports club and other destinations. At weekends it`s possible to drive to countryside and on holiday you can make a fascinating journey, for example to the seaside. Cars of business class and executive cars are primarily produced in the form of a notchback. They can have lengthened base on rear seats which is marked with a symbol L.

Sedan is perfectly suitable for transportation of passengers with hand luggage. Rear window of sedan is usually not so quickly get splashed with mud in contrast to cars with other types of body (hatchback, universal or minivan). Car trunk of sedan is usually used more frequently than in cars of other body type. In the majority of constructions a trunk lid can be opened in several ways: by means of pressing a push-button, a key or using remote control. In cold weather passengers of sedan don`t suffer inconvenience as it`s warm and comfortable in a salon. As compared with cars of other body types fewer amount of dust and mud is accumulated in sedans.