Sports cars

Sports car is a general concept of numerous models of two-seat or four-seat passenger autos distinguished by higher speed performance and respectively enhanced engine power (power-to-weight ratio and motorization). Such models present low-slung cars. In contrast to racing cars sports cars are designed for driving on public roads. It means that they are required to register with the Government and must have a full set of lightning devices and vehicle license plates. Sports cars are generally referred to as Ringtool (a package of options allowing a driver to feel comfortable on race tracks). A typical Ringtool includes a sportive and hard suspension, aerodynamic dodger, sports brake system and welded safety cage.

The main advantage of sport cars is their engine power. Their speed capacity allows to get extreme feelings. Their bodies are made of lightweight materials which help to increase acceleration capacity while moving. As a rule, sports cars are maneuverable and manage with driving on narrow curves and road turns. Sports cars are equipped with reliable and durable engine designed for high speed driving. Most frequently, sports vehicles are preferred namely by reason of their appearance. Streamlined and elongated shapes, bright colours prompt a desire to get behind a wheel of a sports car. Sports cars don`t go out of fashion and practically fall in price. For that reason they can be viewed as profitable investment.

Sport cars possess some exclusiveness and are often acquired in order to demonstrate high social status. Buying sports cars proves your financial sufficiency as cost of such autos is higher than price of usual cars. Driving sports cars can be uncomfortable by reason of their spartan interior (for example, Ascaria V10 is not complemented with airbags). However, there are models which were designed taking into account convenience. For example, some sports cars have several modes of suspension, comfortable interior whereas special cabin filters ensure air purity in a car salon. Besides, the distinguishing feature is big wheels with special rubber.

Regarding classification of sports cars their variety is wide and people invented different types of their groups. For that reason exact classification doesn't exist. In general, there are two categories of sports cars: supercars and hypercars. Hypercars are the fastest, the most rare and exclusive cars in the world. Almost every hypercar can reach speed of 400 km/h.

Sports cars, supercars and hypercars present not only means of transport but also luxury items and high social status. Occasionally people who bought hypercars travel in them only to important social events. The matter is that hypercars are very cumbersome and inconvenient that`s why they can collect dust in a garage for years waiting for their time to come.